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February 1st, 2023


Thank you for visiting my website.

Reserve your next dates now. Before they're gone.

Call or text me directly at (904) 240-9816

Dates for 2023 schedule are still coming in and being finalized.

More dates are already rolling in to include Gainesville, Sea Island Ga, Brunswick Ga, Daytona Fl, The Villages Fl, Deland Fl, Ormond Beach Fl and more on the way.

I'll be posting all of them shortly. Here's a quick view.


Feb 9th :  The Melrose Center Melrose Florida 11AM till 1PM

Feb 9th :  V Pizza Mandarin Jacksonville Fl 5:30PM till 8:30PM

Feb 10th : V Pizza Fleming Island Fl  6PM till 9PM

Feb 17th : Del Webb Canopy Club Ponte Vedra Beach Fl (Members only)

Feb 23rd : V Pizza Mandarin Jacksonville Fl 5:30PM till 8:30PM

Feb 24th : V Pizza Fleming Island Fl 6PM till 9PM

Mar 3rd : The Melrose Center Melrose FL 6PM till 8PM

Mar 4th : The Fenney Grill The Villages Fl 3PM till 5PM

Mar 9th : V Pizza Mandarin Jacksonville FL 5:30PM till 8:30PM

Mar 10th : V Pizza Fleming Island Fl 6PM till 9PM

Mar 23rd : V Pizza Mandarin Jacksonville Fl 5:30PM till 8:30PM

Mar 24th : V Pizza Fleming Island Fl 6PM till 9PM

Mar 31st : The Hampton Inn  Tides Bar & Grille Jacksonville Beach Fl 7PM till 10PM

April 1st : The Ortega River Club 4PM till 7PM ( Members Only)





More dates are already being finalized. Come back soon for updates.


Already Booking as far out as December 2023.




There's a new "In Search of The 4th Chord Winter Tour" being planned for 2023

Keep checking back  !


I'm putting together another album. Hopefully released in April 2023.

(I might even play some harmonica on it. YAY !) Stay Tuned !

Now we get ready for 2023. It all starts in Jacksonville, Melrose & Tallahassee Fl and goes out from there.

I'm shooting for a lot of new venues and roadwork.

Open Mic Nights again;

I really don't attend these too much anymore because they are more of an amateur night and just friends getting together than anything else.

The initial intent of The Open Night Night was to highlight players to work their craft of songwriting and performance techniques in a limited time space to see how well it was received.

It has turned into an anything goes in most cases.

Folks getting up with no skills, can't memorize songs they have played for years, Have to force friends up with them to help cover their own mistakes, and some can't even tune their instrument, coughing horribly into the microphone, can't sing and the list goes on and on.

There are 2 that I do consider in North Florida when my time permits. They are both very controlled.

Here's some helpful hints,

Practice your material well, and have 4 songs ready to go.

Tune your instrument before your asked to get up.

Talk about your song and not about your new strings you put on, you hope you can sing the song, you've never played it in front of anyone .

Be confident of what your doing

Don't drink on stage

This is your time and your songs, Take charge. Avoid Playing Cover Songs !

When you see others get up, watch for their mistakes, so you know what to avoid.

Watch the customers reaction to others. Learn from mistakes.

Be assertive with your songs, this is an opportunity for you to shine, and don't screw it up.


To find out how to book your dates, go to the "Contact Page" on this site or call me directly at          

(904) 240-9816


Thank You for visiting my website,

Bill Ricci











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