January 1st, 2021


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I remember growing up in school in the 1960's and how the teachers used to tell us that in the future we would have cars that would drive themselves, travel to Mars and other things in the year 2000.

I remember sitting there thinking, "right, there's no such thing as a year 2000."

Well, here we are in 2021.

I've already booked over 40 gigs throughout 2021 all the way into December 2021.

Can't wait for the bridal show coming up in February. Festivals are also lining up.  New album finally being released and a lot more happenings.  Don't forget to sign up for the free monthly newsletter on the main page to find out where the open to the public gigs are and if I'm coming to your town soon !


Here's some news,  I've been ask write the Bumper Music for an internet motivational show.  In case you don't know what that means, it's the music that introduces and ends the show plus in and out of commercials. I've completed 3 different models for them to choose from. I'm waiting to hear which they will pick on Monday. Update !

I offered up 3 different music sample ideas and one was chosen and to be used on the 100th  show coming up this week !


The New Micro-Events have really taken off. So what exactly is a Micro-Event?


It can be a wedding, Private Party, Corporate Event, Holiday Parties anything at all as long as it's fewer than 20-25 guests and booking for about 2 hours. It also keeps your price down.


I've already set in place 2 house gigs for the entire calendar year of 2021.


Gigs have been rolling in for 2021, and I'm  booked as far out as December 2021 already. Let's start filling in the holes. Now that I'm retired from teaching music lessons, this gives me more time to travel. I'm be heading to Ocala Fl soon and currently searching for some blues and acoustic rooms within  and out of Florida.  Sign up for the newsletter to find out more on this.


Here's one, "Hey Bill, when are you ever going to get back on the electric guitars?"

Well, don't be looking for that.

I've done that, I'm on to my next adventure. For years and years I've done what everyone wanted and expected me to do, and now I'm doing what I want to do. Memories are good, but unlike most, I don't live there. I'm looking at now and the future and what I am capable of doing. And, I'm having fun. I do take my electrics out from time to time for my own enjoyment and that's about it.

Look for my new album called, "On The Shoulders of Giants" coming out this month. Some cuts are already in play on many internet radio stations.


Yes, I am still out there performing and will continue to do so. My calendar has already started back up again and opened into 2021 too. Make sure you sign up for my monthly newsletter. Weddings , Private Parties, Corporate Events, Private Clubs and even Backyard Bar B Q's are already on the rise.


To find out how to book your dates, go to the "Contact Page" on this site.

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