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May 24th, 2022


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Reserve your next dates now. Before they're gone.

Call or text me directly at (904) 240-9816

Here's some May dates that are open to the public. Others may be private gigs

May 3rd :   V Pizza in Fernandina Beach Fl 5:30PM till 8:30PM

May 6th :   V Pizza in Mandarin Florida 6PM till 9PM

May 7th :   Private Event @ ORC Jacksonville Fl 3PM till 6PM

May 13th : V Pizza in Fleming Island Florida 6PM till 9PM

May 14th:  V Pizza in Fernandina Beach Fl 6PM till 9PM

May 20th : V Pizza in Mandarin Fl 6PM till 9PM

May 24th : V Pizza in Fernandina Beach Fl 5:30PM till 8:30PM

May 27th : V Pizza in Fleming Island Fl 6PM till 9PM

May 28th : Brunswick Ga / Private

May 29th : Brunswick Ga / Private

May 30th : Live @ The Blue Door / Blues Club Brunswick Ga

May 31st : Brunswick Ga / Private


More date are already being finalized. Come back soon for updates.


My New Album is out !  On The Shoulders of Giants. It's on 25 different on-line music sites.

Spotify, Apple Music, I-Tunes, Deezer, YouTube Music and so many others.

You can order your copy at  https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/billricci/on-the-shoulders-of-giants 

I will also have CD's available at the gigs.

Sales of the album have been really good and not just in the United States.

Folks from all over the planet have made a purchase.

I just received an email from Spotify that in the month of April, Listeners to On The Shoulders of Giants increased over 67 %

Ok, as you can see there has be something new added to my schedule.

I've been performing at the V Pizza Corporations 2 locations now for 6 years already. I have now been asked to perform on a regular basis at the new location in Fernandina Beach Florida. They are wonderful folks to work for and from the corporate office to the GM's and the staff at every location treat me as one of the family. Always friendly and courteous to me and I never have to look over my shoulder for anything.

There are other locations that will be opening soon so always keep checking back.

Now, I've decided to no longer perform at wedding ceremonies. May 1st, 2022 was the official cut off date. There are several reasons for this decision. One would be age discrimination. I have been turned down for these and noticed they have picked a younger less experienced individual who works cheap. So I have checked those individuals out and they're not very good, but they are alot younger than myself.

Other reasons for this decision I will retain to myself that have to do with the wedding industry as a whole.

There's still another new adventure I'm stepping into which will also be announced very shortly.

Here's something that I hope can help you if your thinking about performing at an Open Mic Night.

In their infancy, open mic nights were created to showcase up and coming performers so they can expose their own music to fresh ears and receive critiques on their performance. Usually 4 acts per night.

However, somewhere along the way it has morphed into a cheap night of expense for the venue owner. Open mic nights are all over the place, some are good and some not so good. Some even have their chosen ones that they call their regulars and try to fit you in between them. They might even bump you off the schedule because one just showed up un-announced after you've been on the list for an hour waiting.

My personal advise before you venture out and sign up is to go out and check them out before you try anything. Just sit back and watch how they are run. Check out the sound equipment, whether or not they stick to the list that was created. See how they treat the guest that are ready to perform. Do they switch people around? Do friends come before guests? Do they stick to the format of 15 or 20 minute sets?

Most important how do the customers in the venue react to the performers.

Here's some Do's and what Not to Do;

At home, work on 4 songs ready to go. Do not bring a book of your favorite hits for the past 20 years that looks like the phone book of Greater Pittsburgh. If you can't memorize 4 songs, then don't venture out.

Make sure your in tune and ready to go before your called upon. Don't wait to get up there and start your tuning. Act kindly to your host, they will make the proper adjustment for you. Don't be demanding to them. Remember, they want you to sound the best you can. You only have a limited amount of time at these so get on and get off. Don't ask folks to get up with you, this is your time. Not to mention it puts a last minute burden on your host to set up more mics, which takes away from your time.

DO NOT start out with a list of excuses (examples are. I just put these strings on, I hope I can remember this song, I haven't played it in a while, I just wrote this song this afternoon and the list is endless.) the guest and other performers can give a rats ass and just zone you out till the next one comes up. Always remember your main purpose in this adventure is to promote yourself. If your going to give only 50%, then that's what you are. But give 100% and you'll shine like a 50ct diamond.

Don't show up looking like you just cut the lawn wearing flip flops, backwards hat and think your a comedian. Play your songs to the best of your ability and you'll always walk away with a great performance and maybe even get a working gig there. Try not to play covers, those have already been done. There are some good Open Mics out there, with wonderful hosts and some not so good.

Use your judgement. Do your research first !

I have recently added alot more dates in 2022 as things are back to normal. If your seriously interested in booking me for your next event, as a solo, duo or trio, Now is the time to reserve your dates with a deposit. There's just a few open dates in the 2022 calendar so don't delay in contacting us.


The Delandapalooza Music Festival was awesome. I was able to perform "On The Shoulders of Giants"


from start to finish on 2 different stages. Helping me out on Upright Bass was Gail Brown. There's loads on photos and videos coming soon.


I can not only provide music as a soloist, but I can also provide a Duo & a Small Trio for most occasions. And still fit in the budget. From the Oldies, Blues, Pop and Adult Contemporary.

Unfortunately I do not perform 2 style of music, Jazz and this new Country Music.

Some older Country music yes, When Country was Country, but not this new stuff. 


To find out how to book your dates, go to the "Contact Page" on this site or call me directly at          

(904) 240-9816


Thank You for visiting my website,

Bill Ricci